The art of story                       telling.

My vision is to capture the essence of your special day through the medium of storytelling. At the heart of my approach lies the strong belief that your wedding is not just an event; it’s the culmination of your lives so far both with and without each other. It’s the intricacies, your hopes, fears and dreams all intertwined to create a wonderful narrative like no other. 

My background in art direction has enabled me to take a unique approach to documenting your wedding. Above all else I believe in the power of asking the right questions beforehand so that I can truly understand your journey as a couple. My goal is to seamlessly blend into the fabric of your day, ensuring that the flow remains uninterrupted while I’m documenting every authentic moment.

Having said that, it’s important to note that i am most certainly not a stand alone documentary photographer. I like to replicate the energy of a wedding day and read when it’s important to get in close and also know when it's crucial to step back and let the magic unfold.

While it’s common for many photographers to define themselves by a specific feel or style - a choice I respect, I personally find confining myself to one genre to be creatively restrictive and ultimately to the detriment of the couple. what i prefer to do is draw from a wealth of experience and blur the lines between genres in collaboration with you both, offering a new unparalleled perspective that adds an irreplaceable layer to the day. 

My commitment to listening without preconceived notions ensures that your story takes centre stage, I look to seek out the hidden subplots, the moments between moments that display genuine connections between your family and friends. As a storyteller, I embrace the challenge of unveiling the intricate layers that define your day, crafting an experience that you can relive over and over again. 

How's all this going down?

1.Morning prep

The mimosa’s are inbound and the excitement is creeping in. it's your big day. a mix of hopes, dreams, nerves and joy fill the room.

I’ll be there for every detail — Hair and make up doing there thang, your closest people popping in and the last minute vow writing, it happens to the best of us. But it's not just about things; it's about the feels. For me this is the easiest part of the day to capture as everybody in the room is close to you both in such a significant way all I have to do is move through the morning chaos, and document not just the preparations but the relationships and connections that make the day. It's not just pictures; it's telling the narrative of the day as it unfolds.

I usually arrive three hours before the ceremony starts (sometimes earlier for destination weddings) I like to keep the camera down for ten minutes or so just to get to know everybody and ease into the energy of the room. 

The details

2. Ceremony

When the guests start rolling in, that's my cue to catch those real, unscripted moments – the hugs, the smiles, and laughter that radiate with love and anticipation for your arrival. 

Once the ceremony begins, I like to shuffle in and find the sweet spot to capture the vows, the first kiss and all the moments in-between. i'll also be turning my attention to the guests to capture what you’ve missed since you know you’re both clearly quite busy. 

The key here is for me to be present but not intrusive. Knowing when to take a step back after I’ve taken key shots, you’ll most certainly never have a flashgun in your face from me!

Alright, so once we've survived the confetti storm of glory, I'm all about giving you some space. No rush for those serious portraits, I’ll grab aunt Mary a drink or two to keep her at bay. The first half-hour is yours as a newly wed couple – hug your pals, savour a canapé like it's your last meal, (remember if somebody hands you food eat it) and definitely don't forget to snatch up that well-deserved glass of champagne to match.

3. Portraits

So Aunt Mary finally pulled my arm and the family portraits are well underway. everybody’s being drafted in left, right and centre and it’s taken well over an hour to wrap things up in time for dinner. that doesn’t sound too enjoyable right? Here’s what I prefer to do. 

I like to keep the groupings to immediate family, (soz Mary) with a few exceptions of the groomsmen and bridesmaids of course. this usually equates to around 5-8 variations of photographs usually completed in 15-20 minutes so you guys can get back to enjoying your day. I’ll usually rope in a helper who knows both sides of the family so we can round people up quickly. This results in a more candid and relaxed approach to a portrait session rather than fifty shots of grandpa looking bored. 

For you guys I like to take a similar approach and whisk you away for two 10-15 minute sessions in different locations for shot variation. These are usually timed just before/during dinner and another aligning with golden hour because who doesn’t love basking in that natural light! 

This may all sound very fast paced, but I promise you this is all the time you will ever need to ensure we’ve captured those authentic timeless portraits.

4. Party!

The formalities are finished and everybody’s letting their hair down and you might think this is where I make my early exit. Fear not I’m here for the long haul but I won’t be in the way I’ll just meander from moment to moment capturing all of those stories you’re both going to hear about the next day. I’ll be sure to stay clear of any photographic casualties unless of course they’re too good not to capture, apologies in advance! 

Sound good?

So that’s the ethos that I work by on a wedding day. If this sounds like something that aligns with how you both see the day panning out, shoot me an email! I usually recommend a brief video chat before anything else takes place so we have a chance to connect and of course for you both to toss any burning questions you may have my way.